Seen and not heard 

Today we went out for a lovely breakfast with my mum who was visiting. At the table next to us, two young women sat enjoying coffee. They were glamorous, with nicely done make up and crisp fashionable clothing. When they first sat down I had smiled to myself and remembered how just a year ago I was sat having carefree breakfasts with my friends.

Harper began to let out some happy squeals. I noticed one of the women looking over at us, I felt her looks were not those we usually experience from people cooing over her, but I felt perhaps I was began paranoid. However I then heard her say to the other “she shouldn’t really be here”. I was shocked. I hadn’t even considered someone would have an issue with a baby at breakfast. The restaurant had high chairs so they were obviously used to having children. It was then that each time Harper made a sound the lady’s head would snap towards us and would be followed by either a tut or an eye roll.

I began to feel hot and flustered. I began to shush Harper and each sound she made my anxiety grew. We had finished eating and despite my husband saying we should let it go and stay, we swiftly made our exit. I considered saying something to the two women but I didn’t want to come across as a crazed, sleep deprived maniac so I didn’t.

Should children still be seen and not heard in our society? Are there acceptable and unacceptable times to hear babies making sounds, and what are these? Had Harper been crying uncontrollably I would have gotten up and taken her outside whilst she calmed down but her noises were happy and weren’t constant. It wasn’t a restaurant at dinner time past the watershed, it was a breakfast and there were other families present.

I wondered if I would have been like that pre children, I like to think I wouldn’t of but who knows. I hope someday these women have children of their own and realise their ignorance, but in the same breath I hope they never have to experience it like I did today.

Hang in there mamas, we got this.

5 thoughts on “Seen and not heard 

  1. austinsj says:

    It’s one of those things that really shows up the most selfish self centred idiots that they can’t tolerate any disruption to their lives, no matter how minor. It’s easily one of the top things that gets my blood boiling down when people complain about children being somewhere completely reasonable.


  2. Meg says:

    You should have said something! Some people are just miserable twats 😊 Ignore them and carry on laughing with beautiful Harper! Xx


  3. Emma says:

    You are spot on in a key point here. Breakfast, not an evening meal in a restaurant. This is a moronic response from highly intolerant people who have no right to make you feel uncomfortable having your child in a, clearly, family friendly eatery. Granted, it is more problematic when it is an evening meal and I myself like a quiet child-free evening meal from time to time. That being said, if there is a child in the restaurant only making happy noises that wouldn’t bother me any time of day. I find eye contact and a firm “yes?” with a smile goes a long way in these instances. I doubt they would have the guts, or the intelligence to be able to give a sound response and then, quite rightly, they would be the ones feeling uncomfortable.


    • MamaBearofOne says:

      Thanks for your support Emma. And I do agree, I wouldn’t feel comfortable taking her to an expensive restaurant in the evening as there is often a certain ambience that I feel would be somewhat spoiled by my shrieking rascal. But a bright, lovely restaurant at 11am is something I feel very differently about!


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