Mama Bear Loves… Babease

*FYI – this is NOT an ad or paid endorsement. Purely me wanting to share my love for a great product I have discovered.

As H reached 6 months we really struggled with what approach to take to weaning. I decided on a mix of finger foods and puree as I felt this would allow her to explore both textures and flavours.

I endevour to make most of her meals myself, but this is not always possible and sometimes with being on the go and time restraints we needed something to fit with this. I discovered Babease through their Instagram and was immediately impressed. I was lucky enough to be sent a small selection of their products, and was quickly hooked. Unlike most baby food brands, Babease have no preservatives in their food; not even lemon juice. What it says the tin (or pouch rather!) is exactly what you get.

I was also impressed by the fact that not only are their ingredients organic, they are mainly vegetable based too. I found most baby food to be packed full of sweet fruit and I wanted H to explore more savoury flavours. They also use more unusual produce like pumpkin and chickpeas, a welcome change to the pear/ parsnip/ apple/ banana that seem to be common fillers within so many mixed baby foods.

As if I wasn’t in love with Babease already, at The Baby Show they gave 100% of their sales to BLISS charity – what an amazing company.


I will definitely continue to buy the majority of our ‘pouch food’ from Babease for H; delicious, healthy and convenient food from a socially conscious company. What more could you want?

To see more of their products, check out their website here.
Read more about our weaning journey so far here.
To read a guest blog on baby-led weaning, click here.

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