An Introduction to 14 days of kindness

The world can be a pretty sucky place at times, more than sucky – but I don’t want to turn this post into something too deep. Out of awful and tragic situations often comes light. These small acts of kindness, these mundane heroes, who arise from the darkness and make a massive impact, sometimes in the smallest ways. Spreading kindness can be simple, something we can weave into our everyday lives, and yet it can make such a huge difference to some people. You never know what has just happened in someone’s day, and just a smile can give them a little pick-me-up.

I never knew if this story was true, but it was one that I was told when I was in sixth form by our head of year. Sorry, the post is turning deep. I’ll simplify it. A school boy was walking home with stacks of school books. Let’s call him David. Another boy saw him and offered to help carry his books. Let’s call him Jack. David was quiet the walk home, but the boys bonded over football and Jack invited David to play a game with him at the weekend. The football game happened, and the boys quickly became good friends. They completed high school together, and even ended up both attending the same college. David excelled at college, and graduated top of his class – making him valedictorian (its American, okay). In his speech, he brought up his friendship with Jack and said how Jack had never understood how much it meant to him. It was then that he revealed a chilling truth in front of his entire class and their families. He revealed that on the day he met Jack, he had been walking home to commit suicide. His parents had divorced and he was being bullied at school, he couldn’t see a route out of the darkness. He had been carrying his books home because he had emptied his locker; he didn’t want his mum to have to do it. It was Jack’s kindness towards David that gave him hope, that made him see there may be another way. I remember our entire year group silent at this point, you could have heard a pin drop.

Regardless of it is true or not, the message rings true – small acts can make a massive impact. The story always stuck with me, and reminded me that even a smile or a ‘hello’ can give someone a small boost that they may be needing. The fabulous Kelly from the Bee’s Knees and I are setting you a challenge; 14 days to spread kindness. We will set you a task each day, and you can interpret it as you will. Dip in and out of the challenge, or participate each day – totally up to you. Get your happy on, and spread some love. See tomorrow’s post for full details, and follow along our Instagram’s. Use the hashtag #kindactsofinstagram so we can see what you’re getting up to, and we will be sharing some too.

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