Below are 14 days worth of kind acts to inspire you to “get your happy on” for March. The idea is, each day there is a new ‘theme’ for you to engage with. You can participate in all 14, or you can dip in and out. Feel free to interpret them as you like, and modify them in any way that suits you.

1 Smile
Did you know smiling actually reduces stress? Aim to smile at people you encounter. You could aim to smile at everyone, or set yourself a target number. Strike up a conversation too if you like.

2 Leave a note
Everyone loves getting mail, or is that just me? Regardless, today put pen to paper and write. You could leave an inspirational message somewhere, or you could write and send someone a good old fashioned letter.

3 Support small business
Today support a small business. They can be local to you, or further afield. If you are heading for coffee with friends, why not head to your local independent coffee shop. Is there an Instagram shop you love? Give them a shout out from your own page.

4 Say it with coffee
Everyone knows coffee makes the world go round, well at least that should be this saying. Buy someone a coffee, invite a friend over for a much needed matter and a cuppa, or do the tea round in your office. A little bit of caffeine can go a long way.

5 Give someone your time
This can be an entire day spent with a friend who needs a pick up, a phone call to a relative, or even just 30 seconds reaching a can off the top shelf for someone in the supermarket.

6 Smile some more
A repeat of day one, because who doesn’t love flashing their pearly whites? Along with reducing stress, research shows it can even increase longevity!

7 Say thank you
Show gratitude today and say thank you to someone who enriches your life, however small their impact; your child’s teacher, a friend, your postman.

8 Send something nice, anonymously
This can be anything you like; a note, a small gift. Just do it anonymously.

9 Tell someone you love them
Because those are always three lovely words to hear.

10 Bake for someone
Get your Mary Berry on today and make someone a tasty treat. If, like me, you are totally useless then a supermarket special is totally acceptable!

11 Be kind to yourself
Do something kind for yourself. Take a bath, buy yourself flowers, your choice. Self care is so important and whilst we are busy looking out for everyone around us, we need to also take time out to do something for ourselves.

12 Compliment
Text a friend today saying something positive to them.

13 Give away clothes you don’t need
Most of us have a few bits in our wardrobe that we don’t wear but cannot part with. Think of the joy you could give by gifting an item to someone, or donating it to charity to allow them to make profit from it.

14 Share your own kind of ‘kind’

Don’t forget to share some inspiration on the ‘gram and use the hashtag #kindactsofinstagram – lets fill those grids with kindness.

Follow along with myself and Kelly too.

Don’t have Instagram? You can still get involved! I’d love to read your comments below on what you get up to.

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