Travelling with a toddler – what to pack

Call us crazy, but we are embarking on a 3 weeks USA roadtrip with Harper, stopping in five states. Our trip is a mix between beach holiday and city break and we are visiting our family, so it is an amazing opportunity but we are also understandably nervous! Here is what I am packing.



  1. Ten outfits
  2. Two hats
  3. x30 nappies – we plan to buy some whilst on the trip if needed
  4. Seven pairs of socks
  5. Sandals
  6. Trainers
  7. Everyday shoes
  8. Three cardigans
  9. One jumper
  10. Seven vests
  11. Three bibs


  1. Two packets of wet wipes
  2. Sun cream
  3. Nappy cream

By the Pool

  1. Two swimsuits
  2. x10 swim nappies
  3. Sunglasses


  1. Sleepyhead – Harper still sleeps in this and whilst it is big and bulky to pack, I feel it gives her consistency between beds.
  2. White noise machine
  3. Teddy
  4. Dummies
  5. Muslin as a blanket
  6. Cot sheet – I recently read that many travel cots in hotels don’t come with one and was recommended to take my own!
  7. Three pairs of pyjamas
  8. Bedtime book

Hand luggage

  1. Pyjamas
  2. Spare clothing
  3. Extra layer (cardigan) – flights get chilly!
  4. Spare socks – my feet always get cold on the plane!
  5. Large muslin as a blanket
  6. Dummy
  7. Teddy
  8. Lots of toys and activities. I will be doing a post on this next week so watch this space!
  9. Lots of snacks
  10. iPad loaded with shows
  11. Cartons of toddler milk
  12. A bottle
  13. A sippy cup
  14. Toddler backpack with reins
  15. A bib
  16. Five nappies
  17. Wipes
  18. Nappy sacks – for nappies and also any wet / dirty clothing
  19. Changing mat
  20. Medication (we are taking Calpol for teething and Piriton for allergies)
  21. Own passport

Have I missed anything? Do comment below and let me know!!

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