9 exciting Christmas gifts for toddlers: Harper’s Christmas Wishlist

*Some of the links within this article are affiliate links. Some of the items within this article were gifted for review. All items are ones that I genuinely love. 

Number 1 on Harper’s list is a tablet. As this is a pricey item, her Father Christmas stocking will likely be a little slimmer (as he will see how fortunate she already is, obviously!). We’ve really aimed to shop small this year where we can to support small and local businesses.

This is the iPad Harper has been bought. Lots of friends have it and recommend it. It comes with lots of apps and games on it, and it can connect to the WiFi. I’ve also had it on very good authority that it’s basically indestructible, which is a massive plus for me as Harper isn’t the most delicate of people. Click the image below to see more!

Reward Chart

We have recently been sent two gorgeous reward charts for Harper, and she is at the perfect age to respond really well to them.

Little Humbug

We were sent this lovely reward chart from Little Humbug for Harper’s potty training journey, which we will be starting in the new year. It is so beautifully made, and personalised with her name on. You drop a star inside, and once all the stars are in we plan to give Harper a reward. We allowed her to have this early as Harper recently moved into her “big girl” bed! Once she had all the stars, she was allowed a Thomas Comic. Little Humbug create lots of different lovely designs, and you can see these over on their website.

Tots Up

Harper loves vehicles , and buses are a firm favourite. “Wheels on the Bus” was the first nursery rhyme she learned to sing herself (heart meltingly cute!). This bus reward chart is gorgeous and so well made. The set is magnetic and the “people” wait at the bus stop, allowing you to move them to the bus one at a time until the bus is full. You can see more on their website.

Thomas Trains

These can be picked up pretty cheap. A great place to look is on your local selling site for some cheap second hand ones. Amazon do some reasonably priced multi-packs too, and I will probably wrap them separately.

I picked up a Thomas, Percy, Hiro and Emily for £8 second hand (check me out on first name terms!).

Christmas decoration

Every year, we get Harper a Christmas decoration. The idea is that once she moves into her own home she will be handed a box of decorations, just as my mother in law did for my husband. This year I couldn’t settle on just one!

Bea Embroidery

Louisa is one talented lady. These retail at £6 each. These really are lovely, the attention to detail is amazing. We were sent these as a gift, which was so kind, and they really are lovely. It made me want to put my tree up in November just to display them! You can order through Louisa’s Facebook page.

Shop Rose and Willow

Another gorgeous decoration we were gifted was this hand lettered personalised ceramic bauble. These retail at £7 each, and the lovely Amber who is their clever creator  makes lots of other gorgeously illustrated items over on her website.

New Clothes

Purl and Me

I have recently discovered Purl and Me, and I am in love. We were very kindly sent this space-themed dress, and it is gorgeous. It is brilliant quality and I love the print. Most of their designs are in unisex fabrics and are really eye-catching. Take a look, I am sure you will fall in love like I have!

DP Dyes

We have owned a pair of DP Dyes leggings for a good few months now and we love them. They fit really nicely and they wash really well. We were sent a pair of purple leggings and a long-sleeved top and their quality is lovely; really thick and perfect for winter. You may have guessed, DP Dyes range is entirely tie-dye! Find them on Instagram.

Christmas PJs

I know lots of families do Christmas Eve boxes that include pyjamas, and whilst I think Harper is a little too young for this I will be giving her these on Christmas Eve so she can wake up on Christmas morning in them. I picked a lovely set up pre-loved! There are some great pages on Instagram for preloved kids clothes, filled often with handmade-delights.

Doctors Kit

Lately Harper has been using my necklaces as a stethoscope to pretend to be a doctor, so to prevent my crying when she breaks my (fake) pearls this was a must-have on her list. I managed to pick up a pretty decent kit for £5.99 from Home Bargains!

Wonder Women Flash Cards

Okay so I haven’t ordered these for Harper as I think she’s a little young, but I love them. I have instead ordered them for my 5 year old niece. They look so empowering for girls, and as she is learning to read too I thought they’d be a great gift.  They really remind me of the Rebel Girls books, another great stocking filler for children!


Mummy and Me Personalised Aprons

My daughter is just getting to an age whereby she enjoys helping me bake. It leaves the kitchen looking like the flour bag exploded, but she has a good time. We were sent these lovely aprons from ZIZ Printing and I know my little mini-me is going to love them.

Additional Items

I asked my followers over on Instagram for stocking-filler ideas for toddlers, and here are some of my favourites;

I’d love to know what you are buying your little ones for Christmas!

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