Postpartum Lingerie: Julie May Clothing

Body empowerment for women is something I am really passionate about. In a time when we are saturate with media showing us images of one type of body shape, which is generally photoshopped to be achieved, I am always looking for brands and outlets that counteract this and remind us that ALL body shapes and sizes are beautiful.

When I first discovered Julie May Clothing I was drawn in by their nursing collection. Having breastfed my daughter for 13 months, I became really tired of wearing plain and frumpy nursing bras. The nursing bras at Julie May are so pretty and feminine, and they are designed to provide support and comfort. Their carefully thought out postpartum range offers even more, they have specific pieces to provide back support and tummy control. They also accommodate for a variety of body shapes with their choice of lingerie style, which is something I really value from brands.

Choosing my favourite design was really tricky. There is such a lovely variety of styles and patterns, there really is something for everyone. I went for the MoonKiss cotton and silk bra with matching postpartum girdle. I liked this set for a number of reasons; it looked supportive, I am a fan of black underwear but also try to branch out a little so the gold detailing looked perfect. My set arrived in a really beautiful box that immediately gave it a really luxurious feel. The set was so pretty and exactly as it had looked in the photos when I selected it. Really good quality yet delicate at the same time. It is smooth with lace and has thoughtful detailing; I couldn’t wait to try it on.

Wearing them made me feel so confident, which is something I have struggled with since having my daughter and I know will resonate with many mothers. I am proud that my body brought life into the world, but sometimes my new shape and size can make me feel insecure. Having lingerie that fit me well and was comfortable, whilst still looking pretty and feminine definitely made me feel proud of my body. The girdle is supportive, I went with a size 14 (I am usually a size 12 but didn’t want them to be too tight, and they fit perfectly. The bra has a thick strap at the back for support and the girdle is just the right amount of tightness; I know that postpartum these would have felt especially amazing.

All in all I am so happy with this set, and to support a business that is creating luxury garments for new mothers so they can feel confident with their postpartum bodies.

This post is a paid collaboration with Julie May, but as always all words and opinions are my own.

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