Instagram Accounts to Follow if you have Inflammatory Arthritis (or any other autoimmune condition

I’ll update this as I stumble upon new accounts! Do you have a favourite account to follow? Comment and let me know! You can find me over on Instagram too – @mama.bears.squares 


When I was going through diagnosis, taking to the internet uncovered a lot of “doom and gloom” around living with inflammatory arthritis. Here are some accounts I found that showed me there IS light at the end of the tunnel. 

@anotherdaywithra – Ali has been living with RA for 10 days, and at just 25 she is showing her condition daily that she is the boss. I reached out to Ali when I was first diagnosed and we have quickly become friends and supporters of each other. She has tough days, but you can see from her account she is also enjoying her life; she works out, she goes on gorgeous holidays; she really showed me that I didn’t have to let my diagnosis rob all of this from me.  

@meganparkithere – Megan is a 32 year old Canadian actress who stars in the show The Secret Life of an American Teenager. Another account living an amazing life, despite diagnosis. 

@ianhart1968 – Ian has Psoriatic Arthritis and recently ran London Marathon, and raised over £3000 for Versus Arthritis.  

@primrose.and.olive – Ro has Rheumatoid Arthritis, and this doesn’t dominate her account at all – and that is what I love. She is living her life, and RA is just a small part of who she is.

@misspondruns – Emma was the first account I found when I was going through diagnosis. She has had RA for 10 years and is a bit of a veteran. She is a passionate foodie and a determined runner.


I have amended my diet massively since my diagnosis, and here are some accounts I follow for new ideas. 

@fastingnews – As you may know, I practice intermittent fasting as I read so many good things about it to support the management of autoimmune conditions. This account gives lots of evidence-based advice on intermittent fasting. 

@arthritisfoodie – This account is run by a lady living with RA and gives lifestyle ideas to support the management of your condition. I also find the account really educational as she regularly reposts helpful information about different arthritis conditions. She has recently launched a Facebook forum too that is really supportive.

@thefoodmedic – account of an NHS doctor and MSc nutrition student. She posts lots of information on how diet affects health and inflammation. 


The following are all doctors and physicians on Instagram that post a well-rounded approach to managing autoimmune conditions. Many of them discuss the links with diet, but also stress and other lifestyle changes to make. 

@drmarkhyman – A physician who runs a podcast called “The Doctor’s Farmacy”, exploring the link between food and chronic conditions.

@drericberg – Dr Berg has particular interests in the Keto Diet and Intermittent Fasting.

@drautoimmunegirl – A functional medicine pharmacist who has Hashimoto’s Disease and posts about functional management of autoimmune conditions. 


@versusarthritis – a charity providing loads of up to date information on arthritis. They have a website and a helpline. 

What’s your favourite account for us spoonies to follow? Let me know in the comments!

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