Becoming a Godmother: Odette’s Christening

It’s funny how watching your friend’s children grow up becomes so important and valued. Hanna and I became friends when our daughters were 4 and 6 weeks old. We bonded over a baby massage class, both sleep deprived and totally winging this whole motherhood malarkey. Over the next two years our friendship grew and I was over the moon when Hanna told me she was 10 weeks pregnant with her second baby. I became so excited during her pregnancy, desperate to meet the new baby and know if it would be a little boy or little girl. Waking up one morning to read a What’s App message telling me that little Odette had arrived in the world, and that Hanna had achieved her dream of having a VBAC, was so unbelievably amazing and I cried with joy. You can imagine my delight when a few months later Hanna asked me to be Odette’s godmother by giving me a cute little balloon saying “Will you be my Godmother”. Of course there was no doubt in my mind.

On Sunday little Odette was christened and I stood up in front of their friends and family, along with Odette’s other godparents Kieron and Tash, and officially became her Godmother. We gifted Odette with some premium bonds, because I think these are an exciting gift that may have added value as she grows up.

The christening was such a beautiful event, hence why I wanted to share it as a blog. Hanna has worked so hard making sure everything was perfect. I knew the christening would be beautiful, as Hanna has such a good eye for attention to detail. The after party was held in a pretty village hall with stunning Cotswold views.

Delicious food was from The Roastery in Quedgeley; honey and chilli Gloucester Old Spot sausage rolls, giant scotch eggs, and an array of side salads.

The gorgeous cake was made by Cake and the Country with swan toppers created by Bowbeaus, a homemade banner saying “Odette”, and adorned with flowers from Lynne Jessett Floristry.

Little Odette wore the most special dress, one that was made by her great grandmother and worn by the last two generations in the Cherry family. It was first worn by Odette’s aunt in 1980 and most recently worn almost 3 years ago for Odette’s big sister Ivy, and seven family members in between.

We were so lucky with the weather, and it was just the most wonderful day. The children had great fun playing outside, and Hanna had also set up some play stations with toys, play doh and colouring to keep them entertained.

Happy Christening Day little Odette – 28.07.2019

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