Entertaining Children During School Closures

So the UK Government have announced there is a real possibility they will be closing the schools, whilst many other countries have already done this. For lots of us, it’s a scary prospect! Especially when we need to continue working in some capacity; I am self employed and work predominantly from home and my husband is a Project Manager for a charity and is also working from home at the moment as I fall into the “vulnerable” category and need to take precautions.

I’ve made a bit of a schedule for our family during this time, mainly to give us some structure and stop Harper getting bored. We all know bored kids become destructive and emotional, and will therefore take up more of my time than the schedule itself. It’s designed to be flexible, to dip in and out of as we choose. If one day we decide to have an entire day of TV, then so be it. I’m not putting pressure on myself to get her to SATs standards by the time it’s all over. I don’t judge screen time, but again for us screen time leads to boredom which leads to challenging behaviours.

So here goes.


I hope this time isn’t too crazy for you. Feel free to connect with me over on Instagram and share how you’re getting on.


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