Two Under Two – A guest blog by Bethan Bishop

Within weeks of H's birth I was being asked, "When will you have another?". Still in the crazy newborn haze I wasn't sure I even wanted another. The average age gap between siblings is on the rise in the UK and currently stands at an average of 3 years and 8 months according to The … Continue reading Two Under Two – A guest blog by Bethan Bishop

Settling in to Life with Twins

Settling in to Life with Twins - A Guest Blog by Katie White Born together; best friends forever. Katie and her partner, Mark, had quite the shock when she discovered at an early scan they were expecting twins. Here she talks about adjusting to life with not just one but two babies. So, there we … Continue reading Settling in to Life with Twins


Hey! Thanks for stopping by. My name is Jamie and I am a mum of one living in the Cotswolds. I am originally from Hertfordshire and lived there until I was 18. I studied Psychology at the University of Gloucestershire and totally fell in love with this part of the world. I met my husband … Continue reading Hi!