Baby Led Weaning – Two ‘Cherries’ in it Together

Two ‘Cherries’ in it Together – a guest blog by Hanna Cherrington. Mama of one Hanna is a baby-led weaning champ, well that’s my opinion! So I asked her to write a guest blog for all you mamas, and I was delighted when she agreed! So here you have it, Hanna’s experiences so far of her baby-led weaning journey.

During my pregnancy I read up on all things baby, and in doing so I quickly decided that I wanted to try Baby Led Weaning (BLW).  After a long wait (42weeks, 2days to be exact!) my beautiful baby girl arrived and I fell in love with her, more so than I ever knew possible.


I also fell in love with breastfeeding, it came naturally to us and I loved the feeling of providing for my baby. Selfishly, I enjoyed being her sole provider and even though I knew my husband was desperate to have the same bond that Ivy and I were quickly developing, I couldn’t help but relish in the fact that she needed me, ME, more than anyone or anything else in the world.


At 4 months, I was asked if I was going to start weaning, and I proudly replied, ‘No, we are waiting until 6 months to do BLW.’ When anyone found out that Ivy wasn’t sleeping for longer than 2/3 hours, they would suggest giving her purees/baby rice, and I proudly replied, ‘No, we are waiting until 6 months to do BLW.’ I felt like I was constantly having to explain and justify my reasons for BLW, but I was feeling proud of my choice, I had done my research and I was sure that this was the right way for us. Then suddenly, 6 months was approaching and I started to feel anxious and unsettled- and I realised I didn’t want to wean Ivy at all, BLW or not, I didn’t want to stop being her sole provider.  I was scared that our bond would be lost, that she wouldn’t need me anymore, that food was going to replace boob!!

I reached out and I spoke to my ‘friends in my phone’ on a FB group.  I explained how I was feeling about the looming change in our little baby bubble and guess what? I wasn’t the only one feeling this way- It turns out, this is a pretty common feeling.  The girls offered support and shared their own experiences, and photos of the little ones exploring food.  It wasn’t long until I was starting to feel a little more enthused and excited again to start BLW.  I let go of my worries, and with the help and support of others I felt ready to start BLW, ready to embrace this change to our lifestyle, ready to try something new and ready to let other people share the responsibility of keeping my baby alive!

Ivy was showing all the signs of wanting to eat so we took it on: two cherries, in it together….


We decided to take the journey slowly and with the help of the ‘baby led weaning cookbook app’ I set up a weekly plan to introduce first tastes.  As soon as I saw Ivy exploring and loving the food I was giving her, I knew that this new element of our lives was going to be so much fun! I now thoroughly enjoy watching Ivy tackle new foods, tastes, and textures and she LOVES food!!

After a slow build up, two months in, Ivy now eats 3 meals a day… and, guess what? I still have an amazing bond with my baby girl, and she still needs me!!!  I am happy to say that I love sharing the responsibility with others and I have gained so much pleasure and enjoyment from seeing how happy it makes my husband to help provide for our baby.  


And- just so you all know: 3 meals a day, 4 large milk feeds a day and my little cherry baba STILL doesn’t sleep through the night….because she’s a baby, and you know what? I don’t care!  I am going to continue to enjoy the extra cuddles and night feeds whilst I still can.

Hanna is a wife, a teacher and first time mummy to a beautiful little girl and is currently on maternity leave. She is embracing every moment of motherhood and enjoying adapting to the new found lifestyle that has come with it. Hannah states that she loves the adventure, loves the challenges, loves all the bad things just as much as the good things, and above all else she LOVES her family.


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