A clutter-free house is a clutter-free mind (or something like that!?)

2018 has brought with us many new-fads on what our resolutions should be. Alongside the age-old ‘lose weight’, ‘exercise more’, ‘take up a new hobby’, a few new ones have appeared; ‘start a bullet-journal’ and ‘house de-cluttering’. Whilst a bullet journal appealed to me greatly, I am not very creative plus I have the attention span of a goldfish. De-cluttering, on the other hand, was something my house and my mental health would benefit from greatly. My husband and I are self-confessed hoarders, and that combined with the unbelievable amount of junk – sorry I mean wonderful items – that a baby/ child come with meant we were quickly overflowing our small home. I have read in a number of places that we don’t use a whopping 80% of what we own! 

I’ve been putting this off since new year, and now April is here I see it the perfect opportunity to put this spring cleaning plan into action!

I have found this system useful and plan to follow it;





It’s time to get ruthless. Some recommend you ‘sleep on it’ once you have made the decision to throw or donate things, but I choose to get rid the same day as I know my beady eyes would decide I desperately needed that pink berret that I wore 8 years ago for fancy dress – so the quicker it was gone, the less likely I am to re-claim!

Set aside manageable chunks, like 30 minutes or an hour, and do ONE THING at a time. It’s so tempting to get carried away, I’m always writing myself lists with 100 things to do and it’s just plain unrealistic. So my goal is to do 30 minutes a day, on the days I am not working.

I’m staring tomorrow with Harper’s bedroom. She has a tiny box room and it is over run with outgrown clothes. So that’s the first plan!

What are your decluttering tips?

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